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274 Vanilla JS with Chris Ferdinandi

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Chris Ferdinandi

Web // Twitter

Show Description

We're talking with Chris Ferdinandi about Javascript, specifically Vanilla Javascript, and what that means on the web in 2017.

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  • M Chapman

    Great show guys. Really good to hear about the different approaches and the different pitfalls that can easily bog people/teams down. I used mainly jQuery but would definitely use more ‘vanilla’ javascript in my sites if I felt more comfortable with it. I can see the benefit of it and yes there is the tried and tested arguments. It’s not a one answer for everything. Cheers.

  • thebigkick

    Great show as always. Zurb has a message for Chris…get dem arrow functions

    • Thad Humphries

      Arrows are cool. A great addition to the language.

  • Thad Humphries

    Love, love, LOVED this show. I was burned by JS pre-2000, and too long avoided it by hiding behind JSPs and GWT. Now I’m catching up, and get sooo tired of seeing JQuery examples. I want to know how JS REALLY WORKS, not how someone else wrapped it (although I’ll also admit to being big fan of

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