263: HTML Email with Kevin Mandeville and Camiah

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Coding like it’s 1999 – or is it? We’re talking email design and development. What’s the tooling stack? What are the crazy things you can do inside HTML email in 2017?


  • 6:20 Is email still front end dev? Like it’s 1999?
  • 10:00 What do webkit based clients strip out from HTMl?
  • 11:30 Walking through creating a cool design for a client.
  • 17:25 Should I start in the Litmus builder or in a code editor?
  • 27:18 Chris gets some questions answered about CodePen Spark.
  • 28:30 Do we talk about performance in email?
  • 32:10 Are pattern libraries a thing in the email world?
  • 35:45 Do we still have to inline styles?
  • 40:00 What are the toolsets for building crazy stuff inside email?
  • 46:50 Is email like the web where someone does something cool and then everyone copies it?
  • 48:35 Is email still an important thing? Is it here to stay?
  • 52:55 Chris’ email template idea for the world.


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