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RAPIDfire Q&A time! Pew! Pew! We’re gonna “A” as many of your “Q’s” on this one including monitor recommendations, VIM vs eMacs vs Atom, frameworks or vanilla javascript, creating a family tree on the web, BEM, and side projects when you’re trying to get hired.


  • 9:23 Follow-up: Do you have any opinion on screens and maybe even having two – one for high end work and one) for low end reference, or is it not really needed for web work?
  • 20:54 So what’s the deal with VIM and Emacs? Why is there such a hardcore community and what do they offer that I’m missing?
  • 30:40 I’ve been struggling to get good my learning JavaScript, and came across someone saying it’s better to learn a framework first, and then deal with understanding vanilla Javascript. Do you agree?
  • 37:00 I want to create a webpage for a large family tree. I don’t care what I write it in but would like it to be responsive and fairly easy to add/update people. Any thoughts on what to use to display data?
  • 44:44 How do you guys feel about BEM?
  • 52:00 When hiring, I appreciate that a developer does side projects to hone their skills, but I also wonder if there might be a conflict of interest. I was wondering if you thought this might be an asset or problem for companies looking to hire?


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  • Dave created his own HTML slide deck framework.

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Job Mention

  • Re: side hustlin’

    When I was involved with hiring at my previous agency I was wary of guys who were vocal about their side hustlin’ activities. When you’re in studio, it should be all business. I was always a little turned off by the amount of private work in a person’s portfolio – especially if they had a number of years studio experience.

    That said, I never had an issue with guys working on their own projects outside of work hours as long as it didn’t impact their day-to-day. I do it!

    Re: learning Javascript

    I think Dave went on a little tangent with his response. I think the guy asking the question wanted to know if it was better to learn vanilla JS first, rather than a framework or vice-versa. As opposed to which you would use on a project.

    I’m in a similar situation, currently wondering what the best approach is. I’m currently coming to grips with the basics of vanilla JS after years of pottering around with and using jQuery (don’t hate me!). I’ve found jQuery has helped, along with playing around with the likes of Greensock etc. but it feels like outdated tech, especially when listening to you guys talk about React all day 🙂

    Great show guys!

  • philgrayphilgray

    re: family tree

    I was just trying catch up on the latest developments with the russia probe, and found this nice visualization on Washington Post:


    It reminded me of the discussion on the show. They seem to be using some type of svg data vis framework. Maybe D3-based?