260: Rapidfire 87

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We’re back for another RAPIDFire episode answering your questions – but first a quick #davegoeswindows update. Then we dive into questions about improving WordPress’ default search, marketing a CMS, adding team members, using @supports with Flexbox, securing a site with nginx, server-side rendered JS apps, and finally some recommendations on conferences to attend.


  • 6:40 You mentioned in a talk at WordCamp Miami that the default WordPress search is bad. How can we improve it?
  • 15:15 Say you have built a CMS. Say you thought it was perhaps the best CMS for developers out there. What would you do with it?
  • 23:14 What tools/tips do you have for moving from a solo show to a team environment?
  • 32:01 Audio comment contributing to the conversation from episode 253 about using @supports with flexbox.
  • 40:30 Am I missing something or is there simply no way to fully secure a site on a shared host running nginx?
  • 45:00 The problem with server-side rendered Javascript applications is that until the JS is loaded, the page is just a dummy thing that you can just look at and do nothing. What do you think about this? Or is there something I a missing about server-side rendered JS apps?
  • 56:00 There seem to be so many well organized conferences, so any help you two could provide in narrowing them down would be super helpful.


Job Mention

  • Kyle Larkin

    To add to the discussion of poor default WordPress search, I’ve had great luck on some fairly large sites with the SearchWP Plugin: https://searchwp.com/