230: Practical SVG

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Chris has a book that’s out – Practical SVG – and so we’re talking about how the opportunity came along to write the book, what’s in the book, who it’s for, and how many dollars it costs even. We also answer a few of your questions about susy, personal branding, and Dave gets AMP’d about AMP.

Q & A

  • 35:38 I was wondering if you had experience in using susy and have any suggestions, ideas, pitfalls, etc related to using it.
  • 42:00 I’m a self learning front end developer trying to build my first personal page/portfolio. Should I include a headshot or photo of myself? I’ve seen arguments both for and against. What about a personal logo?
  • 49:50 Any opinions on AMP?



Codiscope Jacks

There’s immense pressure for developers to build secure applications faster than ever, and it’s infinitely easier to build your app securely from the start than to retrofit a workaround on top of an existing code base. Codiscope Jacks teaches you to write JavaScript applications securely through the process of writing code—so you get pertinent advice that’s specific to your languages and frameworks when you need it most.

Through Jacks’ actionable recommendations, you can write smarter code from the beginning, rather than sifting through reports and retroactively fixing errors. Jacks currently supports JavaScript (soon to include Java) and is free for developers. Try it today.

Practical SVG

Harness the power and possibilities of crisp, performance-efficient SVG with Chris Coyier. From software basics to build tools to optimization, you’ll learn techniques for a solid workflow. Go deeper: create icon systems, explore sizing and animation, and understand when and how to implement fallbacks. Get your images up to speed and look sharp!

Job Mention

  • The discussion around Minute 31, what “it” refers to, reminded me so much of Meat Loaf explaining, what “That” is 🙂

  • Susy can be installed with Bower so you don’t need it as a gem anymore. You can read about it Chapter 9 of in MY book “Mastering Sass” from Packt 😀