160: With Nicole Dominguez

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Nicole Dominguez is a Senior Product Designer & Front End Developer at Sawhorse Media.

She joined us for a deep dive into SVG, HTML email, tables, and more.

We talked about (roughly in order):


Screen Shorts:

Q & A:

  • 7:58 Nicole, you began your descent into front-end web development while working as web designer right? I’m curious what steps you took to move from from the canvas to code.
  • 34:32 I have a question about finishing up a project. The site is live, the post launch checklist is done, and now it’s just a matter of turning the finished files over to the client (per our contract). The site was developed using Git. How do I turn the files over without potentially damaging the ability to update the site in the future? There is always a danger of the client cowboy coding something in via FTP as well. How can I handle this?
  • 38:19 I have a question about tabular data. Tables have limited styling capabilities, so sometimes you need to use <div>s instead. Is that bad practice? Can you do something to improve semantics/accessibility? Also, should you order your <div>s in rows or columns then?
  • 47:46 How do you deal with assets in a Github / Jekyll set-up?
  • 55:06 Lately, I’ve been using the CSS checkbox hack to toggle styles of HTML elements. For example, clicking a menu drop-down or clicking a help icon to display an information popup. Should I use jQuery instead or is it safe to keep these minor interactions in CSS?


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