154: With Yesenia Perez-Cruz

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Yesenia Perez-Cruz currently works at Intuitive Company, where her role spans design strategy, user experience, and graphic design. She was previously a Senior Designer at Happy Cog.

We talked about (roughly in order):


  • 10:54 The web isn’t ready for 60fps

Q & A:

  • 19:25 When do you decide to go for a self-made theme or to hunt for a paid theme that comes close to what your customer wants?
  • 25:04 I often read about “prototyping” using bootstrap, foundation, etc. Does this mean building a prototype site (with minimum design and code) and after some kind of approval step, then begin building the real project with new code? Is this a regular practice?
  • 32:28 As I expand and contract my browser window, occasionally certain elements being modified with JavaScript don’t look great until I refresh the page at that particular breakpoint. I have attempted to fix this with a $( window ).resize function but this seems cause performance issues with the browser. What should I do?
  • 38:35 I’ve been freelancing for about 4 years, and my skills don’t seem to be improving as fast as I’d like. Should I continue to freelance or would it make more sense to look for employment in a design firm?
  • 42:45 At the top of every article page there is an image tag which takes up the full width of the screen. In my CSS I have set width and height to ‘auto’ to preserve its aspect ratio and max-width set to 100%. However when the page loads there is an instantaneous flash where the image element has zero height and the content after it in the flow is at the top of the page, that content is then pushed down when the image loads and the browser knows its dimensions. How do I fix this?
  • 49:40 When nudging an element by a few pixels should I be using ‘position: relative’ or margins?
  • 50:34 I’ve recently been trying to improve the performance on sites I build. I noticed in the chrome developer tools it says I’m loading CSS that’s not needed. Should I be making multiple minified CSS files and conditionally loading them?


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