109: With Tracy Rotton

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This week we were joined by web developer, WordPress core contributor, Sass-fan, Tracy Rotton.

We talked about (roughly in order):


Q & A:

  • 32:48 I’m currently not working in a team environment but am wondering if it would be more difficult if a developer was using the heck out of @extend?
  • 37:22 Can’t we agree that it’s best to let the browser read plain CSS but let us have tools to make writing that CSS as easy and maintainable as possible?
  • 44:02 How to I pull down client changes from my live wordpress site to my local environment?
  • 50:01 I’m a WordPress Developer and I’ve noticed a disturbing trend lately. More and more clients are wanting developers that are experts with a specific commercial them? Weird, right?
  • 54:05 I have yet to make the leap to SASS or LESS. Does it become troublesome and inconvenient to work with people and projects that don’t use these new methods?


  • 31:15 lynda.com – The best online learning resource. Check out great courses like: – Creating and Editing Custom WordPress Themes – Up and Running with Evernote – After Effects – Excel 2013 training Get a free 7 day trial now!
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  • Paul Littlewood

    I was with you guys about the Oculus Rift and strapping big things to your face not being the future. However Nick Petit’s interview made me interested enough to look it up. After watching reaction videos on YouTube I’ve completely change my mind. People’s reactions to using it are amazing, they are totally immersed, completely transported into a different reality. You should definitely watch this before dismissing it!

  • Jason Witt

    Hey guys, I asked the question about clients wanting experience in specific themes. Chris was right. I was talking about themes not theme frameworks.

  • Why not use Capistrano WordPress when developing WP sites? Vagrant for consistency when working with a team?