106: With Nick Pettit


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This week we were joined by Nick Pettit, educator at Treehouse, an online learning platform. We talked about (roughly in order):


  • 17:25 Correction regarding Drupal and 1000 script/style files.
  • 20:10 Github releases Atom, a hackable text editor

Q & A:

  • 23:29 I’m curious about making the shift from HTML, CSS, jQuery, WordPress development to Full Stack JS. It seems the front end world is making a huge shift in that direction, and I thought it would be a good career move for me to do one of these 8 week bootcamps to get me started. What do you guys think?
  • 30:24 I considered myself pretty versed in HTML, CSS, but with a desire to learn more particularly Javascript and it’s connection to CSS for dynamic website building. I feel that if I add this skill it could change a lot things for me professional. How can a service like Treehouse help me put it all together?
  • 39:15 I’ve been learning Ruby for the past 2 months and have now started learning Rails v4. My problem: I’m using Treehouse and they use Rails 3. What kind of issues should expect?
  • 46:08 This summer I’ll start trying to find some paid projects to do and I was wondering: what is best way to get the client set up with hosting and domain?
  • 50:47 I would love for you guys to talk a little bit about Content Editable. I work on the project Barley and have learned a lot about CE over the past year and it has been a painful process. There is not many resources out there so it has been mostly trial and error.


  • 36:00 Adobe – Adobe believes that web standard technologies are the future for creative expression. They are addressing different parts of the web design process with fantastic tools like:
    • Edge Animate (for creating animated, interactive content with HTML)
    • Edge Reflow (for creating responsive designs)
    • Edge Code (for writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript)
    • Edge Inspect (for previewing and inspecting web designs on devices)
    • You can learn more at
  • 44:02 E4H: Responsive Web Design Summit – The best conference for learning all about RWD. A 3 day online-conference (April 1,2,3) featuring talks by Tim Kadlec, Tammy Everts, Jenn Lukas, Dave Rupert, Dan Mall, Matt Griffin and more. Get your tickets now! And remember to save 20% any kind of ticket with coupon code SHOPTALKSHOW.

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