087: With Nicolas Gallagher

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This week we were joined by Nicolas Gallagher, CSS expert. We talked about (roughly in order):

* 8:29 EFF gets involved in DRM

Q & A:

  • 13:40I want an automated way to produce styles guides. How do you produce guides for your clients? Have you been able to automate the process?
  • 18:23 Any insight into IE downloading inapplicable stylesheets?
  • 35:23 I’m a huge fan of inline blocks. Is there any other reason why the whole world is using floats?
  • 41:10 I want to create a blog for myself, to document and share what I learn. Is it crazy NOT to use a CMS?
  • 49:23 I’m applying for a dev job with a company and they use LESS. What are the key things I need to bare in mind when changing from Sass to LESS?


  • 33:55 lynda.com
    • Over 2,000 courses, with new courses added daily
    • One low monthly price of $25/month provides access to the entire course library
    • Over 2 million active members, and over 500k fans on facebook
    • HTML/CSS/JS – WordPress/Joomla – UX – Adobe – Objective-C/PHP – Photography/Time Management/Negotiation
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  • 47:24 Enviornments for Humans – Artifact Conf November 4–6 in Providence, RI. A fantastic 2 day, single track conference about front end. The theme is “Multi-Device World”. Some great workshops:
    • Build Responsively by Ben Callahan
    • Sass for Beginners by Matt Griffen
    • CSS Animation by Val Head
    • Responsive Designer Patterns by Brad Frost
    • Use the discount code “SHOPTALK” for $100 off your ticket.

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  • Derry Spann

    Anyone know of an automation app that watches for changes in a directory and publishes the files to a remote server?

    • chriscoyier

      Sounds like grunt task territory.

      • Derry Spann

        Thanks Chris!!

        I believe this would require knowing some js.


        Nevertheless,Thanks for the pointer. I currently am using automator folder action and applescript to run a terminal command when a new file is created in the directory

        tell application “Terminal”
        do script with command “push local/site/ remote/site/”
        end tell

        however this doesn’t listen for file changes. this only listens for files created. Really helpful if it was a less complicated

  • Walking Fish Studios

    I tweeted to shoptalk about this but maybe this is a better spot for it. Here is a cool living style guide video from Sayanee. I have not had a chance to try any of it out yet but it looks cool. http://build-podcast.com/styleguide/