059: With Lara Swanson


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This week we were joined by Lara Swanson, formerly UX manager at Dyn and now a manager of mobile web at Etsy. Lara has long been a champion of web performance, UX, and being a good front end developer. We talk about (roughly in order):

News ‘n’ Links ‘n’ Drama

Q & A

  • 27:35 What up with gzipping?
  • 31:37 If you use styles for literally only one page, shouldn’t that be a <style>?
  • 34:50 If you could attend only one conference, what would it be?
  • 37:40 How much third part “stuff” is too much?
  • 58:43 What kind of skills do you need to get a job at an agency?
  • 49:31 What kind of device should you get for testing retina?


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