065: With Ben Frain


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This week we were joined by Ben Frain, a web developer, technology columnist, and [book author][1] from Cheshire, UK. Ben has written for major publications like MacUser, .net, and The Guardian and is also a [very famous][2] television actor. We talked about (roughly in order):


Q & A

  • 21:45 Wouldn’t it be easier to group media query stuff into blocks and @import them in chunks?
  • 27:50 How do you compile Sass server-side?
  • 32:45 If I use Coda 2 will I be cooler than someone who uses Sublime Text?
  • 35:10 Are there benefits to switching to Sass if a project is already in LESS?
  • 44:20 How can I use a Git workflow and retain working offline?
  • 51:30 Is there a standard for structuring a Sass project? (The Sass Way on structure, Globbing)
  • 58:35 If you’ve gone-commando directly on some .css on the server, but the project is in Sass, is there a way to port those changes back?


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