048: With Jen Simmons


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This week we were joined by Jen Simmons the host of The Web Ahead (CROSSOVER!) and a long time freelancer, consulter, builder, and friend of the web. We talk about (roughly in order): News’n’Links’n’Drama
* Jen also doing The Web Behind with Eric Meyer
* Instagram Term of Service debacle
* Animation performance (1, 2) Q&A

  • If you’re good at design, but no so much at code, how do you get better at code?
  • How do you get over being so hypercritical of yourself that it’s debilitating?
  • What’s up with
  • Using partials in Sass (also: globbing) Sponsors

  • Environments for HumansInControl is back in Orlando February 17-19. Use coupon SHOPTALKSHOW for $100 off

  • – Over 77,000 training videos on all kinds of computer learnin’. Use our link for a free week trial. More Jen

  • @jensimmons

  • The Web Ahead

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