031: With Matt Mullenweg

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Matt is the co-founder of WordPress (.org, .com) and and essentially the head dude there and at Akismet, VaultPress, Gravatar, bbPress… you know, a few things (see: Automattic). We talk about (roughly in order):

Q & A

  • Will you get more traffic just being on WordPress vs being on Blogger?
  • What do you need to consider before you start storing sensitive information on the web like Social Security Numbers? (For starters, PCI compliance)
  • Can you recommend a blank starter theme for WordPress? (_s)
  • A young developer asks: what should I learn next? (ya’ll know the chorus)
  • Wouldn’t it be easier just to build a responsive admin rather than a separate native app for WordPress?
  • What kind of apps would Matt like to see be built on WordPress?
  • How do you deal with WordPress security? (book)
  • re: Culture of Distraction – How does Matt stay focused?


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  • Environments for Humans – Conferences for web people. Coupon code SHOPTALK is good for $100 off InControl.

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