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No guests this week, as we plow through as much question on answer action as possible. Don’t worry, you’re regular installment of hot drama will be back soon. We talk about (roughly in order):

  • The way we interact with websites on desktops/laptops vs touch screen devices is extremely different. How do we deal with that?
  • Indentation in HTML (styles, and how that relates to View Source and CMS’s).
  • How to improve your CSS skills.
  • How and why to use the HTML5 Boilerplate. (Paul’s intro to it).
  • How do you attract clients as a designer?
  • Settings margins/padding/height/width in PX or EM? Why? Can you use both?
  • Use separate stylesheets linked up from the head with media query attributes, or combine into a single file (“external” vs “internal”)?
  • What’s up with “responsive images”?
  • Navigation that appears on all pages of a site without repeating yourself.
  • If you’re writing backend code like PHP, should we be using an IDE like NetBeans?
  • How much money should designers/developers be making?
  • Categorizing online inspiration
  • Will the .scss syntax ever be standardized as regular CSS?

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