011: With Jina Bolton

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This week we were joined by Jina Bolton, a talented designer and developer. She’s currently working for Do.com (@DoWorkTogether) and helping out with the SASS website redesign (@TeamSassDesign). We talk about (roughly in order):


Q & A

  • Google+’s HTML
  • Handing off between front end and back end developers
  • <i> vs. <span> for icons
  • What programs do we design with
  • Getting called out on terminal usage
  • Will using preprocessors too much make us forget the orignal language?
  • Differences and usage of @mixin vs. @extend
  • Learning of the newfangled


  • LessMoney – A conference in sunny Tampa, FL on July 7th about building a better business
  • Hover – Save 10% off your order from the best place to buy domain names

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