005: With Jeffrey Way

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This week we were joined by Jeffrey Way who is a long-time Envato employee, probably most well known to our listeners by being the editor of Nettuts+. Jeffrey hails from the mountain town of Chattanooga, TN, home of the world’s fastest internet. We talk about (roughly in order)…

Follow up and hot drama:

  1. Quick followup on Performer JS
  2. Bootstrap, the most popular project on GitHub, goes 2.0
  3. HTML5 Boilerplate goes 3.0 and removes Respond.js and the build script. And how how we mostly use it by just snagging individual lines from the GitHub repo.
  4. Pea.rs, a collection of neat a clean mini design patterns with HTML and CSS
  5. All the drama around -webkit-. Non-webkit browser vendors are thinking about supporting that prefix to more sites work, because of lazy developers not including other prefixes. Most folks are crying out that that’s a bad idea, but with different proposed solutions. Working group even considering standardizing around -webkit-. Read: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5].

Q & A”

  1. Will Envato make a marketplace for iOS designs? Already kinda have on Code Canyon.
  2. Battle of the code editors.
  3. Should we be able to add class names via CSS?
  4. How does Jeffrey do it all? Quotes: [1], [2]
  5. How we test on IE: Browserstack, Virtualbox + Multiple Windows VMs, Actual $200 laptop

More Jeffrey:

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