332: How to Think like a Front-End Developer with Mina Markham

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Mina Markham stops by to talk about her career as a front-end developer, her dream project, and we get her thoughts on our Dribbble to web challenge.



Mina Markham

Web · Social

Senior Engineer at Slack. A front-end architect with a passion for the web, Sass, social media & typography.

Time Jump Links

  • 2:10 What makes you a front-end developer?
  • 7:10 Is just HTML and CSS enough?
  • 9:20 What's your dream project as a front-end developer?
  • 13:20 Sponsored by NativeScript
  • 14:45 How many designers is too many designers on a project?
  • 19:30 What's the hardest part of being a front-end developer?
  • 25:10 What tools do you reach for typically?
  • 31:00 What wars do you like to wage or stay away from?
  • 37:10 Sponsored by Rollbar
  • 38:10 Job application advice based on hiring for the Hilary Clinton campaign
  • 44:10 Dribbble #1 Food for lovers
  • 46:00 Dribbble #2 Socialio
  • 47:30 Dribbble #3 Sibling
  • 50:40 Dribbble #4 Festival homepage