329: Dan Mall on Building a Portfolio

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Chris and Dave chat with Dan Mall about designing a portfolio that hiring managers can't deny. Should you tailor your portfolio for each specific job you might apply for? Where does privilege come into play when applying for jobs? Could it backfire? And be sure to stick around for an opportunity to add the design of a certain podcast website to your portfolio!


Dan Mall

Dan Mall

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Creative director and advisor from Philly. Founder and director of SuperFriendly.

Time Jump Links

  • 1:28 Dan's personal branding elevator pitch
  • 2:10 Why are you thinking about how to get a job?
  • 5:20 Tailoring your portfolio for the job you're applying for.
  • 12:10 Sometimes hiring managers are disconnected from the project - what should you do?
  • 18:40 Sponsored by An Event Apart
  • 20:30 What your portfolio might look like for a specific job like Nike
  • 28:10 How does privilege come into account?
  • 32:00 What about people who applied at multiple jobs?
  • 39:00 How has the Superfriends apprentice program been working?
  • 48:00 How it might backfire.
  • 50:15 I'm trying to put a portfolio together but I don't have anything to put in my portfolio - what do I do?
  • 54:30 An opportunity for someone to add a new design to their portfolio.