309: Deep Dive on D3.js with Ben Clinkinbeard and Elijah Meeks

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Ben Clinkinbeard and Elijah Meeks stop by ShopTalk Show to talk about data visualization, D3, and how to get started leveling up your data viz game.


Ben Clinkinbeard

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Elijah Meeks

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  • 0:32 Guest introductions
  • 6:00 What is D3 and why is it so popular?
  • 10:30 Is it low enough level that you need a lot of tutorials or training?
  • 14:15 Is there danger in analyzing data wrong?
  • 16:05 Swear jar as a data visualization challenge
  • 19:20 Sponsored by FullStory
  • 21:30 How do you match data to charts?
  • 25:30 The business case for data visualization
  • 28:45 Do I learn data science or javascript first?
  • 30:40 Is data journalism that's a growing field?
  • 33:16 Sponsored by Porkbun
  • 34:30 What about the D3 API?
  • 41:00 Why isn't D3 as hard as we think it is?
  • 46:00 Do you have to tell D3 you need a rect?
  • 51:00 Almost all apps are incorporating data visualization.
  • 55:10 Is there any reason to avoid it?
  • 59:00 There's room for cross pollination among disciplines
  • 1:04:02 Is there data to play with to practice with D3?