306: Debugging CSS with Aimee Knight

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Just when you think you know everything there is to know about CSS, Aimee Knight is on the show and she'll help you understand CSS in a new way as a Javascript developer learning about CSS.



Aimee Knight

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  • 1:25 An introduction to Aimee Knight
  • 5:00 Sympathy for those who don't know CSS
  • 7:35 Learning about how browsers parse a document can help understand CSS better.
  • 10:30 Vote for Dave or Aimee's explanation of CSS. #shoptalkshowvote
  • 15:10 Where did you go once you understood CSS?
  • 17:40 Why it's important for JavaScript developers to focus on CSS
  • 18:55 Painting and Layout.
  • 22:40 Debugging in Z index.
  • 30:20 Biggest tip for learning CSS
  • 33:40 Getting excited about Houdini
  • 42:20 Are you still compelled by the idea of doing styling in JavaScript?
  • 44:20 What was the last thing you remember debugging in CSS?
  • 49:10 Is @important the best or worst feature of CSS?
  • 53:30 What's Aimee's view on CSS in JS trend?