303: JAM Stack with Phil Hawksworth

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We're joined by Phil Hawksworth to talk about the benefits of static sites as well as work through some of the objections people often have to using a static site in 2018.



Phil Hawksworth

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  • 1:20 Guest introduction
  • 2:45 JAM Stack
  • 6:00 Building local files with fancy tools.
  • 10:50 What about when you need a weather widget?
  • 13:50 You don't have to run PHP on your site just to process a form or comments.
  • 16:20 Performance gets a huge boost.
  • 24:07 Running membership on a JAM Stack site.
  • 27:47 Do I run a database for my job board?
  • 35:00 Triggering a build for your site is ok.
  • 40:30 Where does Netflify fit into this process?
  • 43:00 AB Testing on a static site.
  • 49:10 What if you absolutely need server side code?
  • 57:00 Getting inspired to switch.