299: Machine Learning with Paige Bailey

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We've got a machine learning expert, Paige Bailey from Microsoft, on to help educate us on all the interesting things you can do with machine learning. Whether you're a huge company or a rose grower in Phoenix, there's probably something new you'll learn about machine learning in this episode.



Paige Bailey

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  • 1:14 Introduction of our guest
  • 2:20 Introduction of our topic
  • 3:40 How would you explain what machine learning is?
  • 6:30 Clustering tasks vs classification tasks
  • 9:58 Using a data set of dogs as an example for deep transfer learning
  • 12:10 Training is a big deal - cognitive services explained
  • 13:40 Accessibility benefits of machine learning.
  • 15:00 Possible issues with using machine learning.
  • 16:45 What about Black Mirror issues?
  • 21:00 Do Facebook and YouTube have to open source their machine learning?
  • 25:20 What can small e-commerce shops use if they're not Amazon?
  • 27:40 What about a rose grower in Phoenix?
  • 29:00 How much data do you need to make use of machine learning?
  • 34:10 How do you get started with machine learning?
  • 36:30 How could CodePen use the data they have?
  • 39:55 What about business value of data in machine learning?
  • 44:00 A warning about machine learning - future vs history
  • 46:20 If the computer is wrong, how do we fix the computer?
  • 49:00 Twitter using machine learning for image analysis
  • 52:25 Crazy banana hats will throw off algorithms
  • 56:50 How should someone get starting experimenting with machine learning?