278: Top 5 Browser APIs You’re Not Using with Patrick Kettner

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What are the top 5 browser API's that you're not using? We've got Patrick Kettner on from Microsoft's Edge team to help us understand more about the what's changed in all the browsers - but particularly Edge.



Patrick Kettner

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  • 4:40 Integrating service workers into the browser.
  • 8:20 What is Houdini and what's your role with it?
  • 15:20 What are the APIs that look like layout?
  • 16:10 Is that the same as what Mozilla did with Servo / Stylo?
  • 17:10 Did Edge redo their rendering tree?
  • 18:40 Are all browsers getting into the deep code?
  • 23:20 What the heck is WebAuth?
  • 27:25 How does my website know the face works?
  • 31:20 How does Web Payments API work?
  • 38:00 What is the integration path for Web Payments API?
  • 49:15 What is your role besides API ambassador?
  • 52:35 Using service worker tips.
  • 54:15 Push notifications and Safari?
  • 55:44 Progress web app PWA checklist.
  • 1:00:00 Building for the web is still a great plan.