216: With Val Head and Sarah Drasner

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For this episode we're talking web animations with two people who've been in the animation trenches for a while — Sarah Drasner and Val Head. Dave's got some animation specific challenge questions and we talk about ways to present your cool animation idea to clients or a boss for approval.



Val Head

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Val is a designer and web animation consultant.

Sarah Drasner

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Sarah is a speaker, consultant and writer at CSS-Tricks.

Time Jump Links

  • 8:00 Adding animation decisions to your style guide.
  • 10:15 Using variables for easing.
  • 15:00 Tip on Ease In / Ease Out
  • 18:00 How serious or fun should your easing be?
  • 22:02 Has animation arrived now?
  • 27:00 Dave's challenge question: Where do older browsers and crappy GPUs fit in with regards to animation?
  • 30:29 How do you do elegant, grown-up subdued without doing stuffy?
  • 32:00 How to demo animation without having to rebuild the entire app.
  • 33:40 How much animation is too much animation?
  • 39:50 Rules of animation vs branding animation styles.
  • 43:10 What if I'm a horrible person and I animate every paragraph flying onto the page, what should I use there?
  • 43:55 Using a voice and tone document to guide your animation choices.
  • 49:00 Stories from the trenches of working on animation on the web.
  • 54:18 How do you convince your CEO that having a fire breathing dragon on your login page is a good idea?