A Book Apart Books


A Book Apart is a first class line of books. Short format, like a collection of great blog posts. There have been a slew of great books from past guests and friends of the show like Scott Jehl, Ethan Marcotte, Karen McGrane, and Josh Clark. Collect them all!

Affinity Designer


An awesome alternative to the far more expensive Creative Suite.

Shop Talk Show Shirt


You love the podcast, now own the shirt. People will stop you on the street and say "You love fart sound podcasts? So do I!" You could make a friend for life. Available in Mens and Womens sizes.

CodePen Shirt


Show your love for social coding with a CodePen shirt. Great conversation starter about whether you anchor your code editors to the left, right, or top of the viewport. Available in Mens and Womens sizes.

HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites


This book by Jon Duckett is the perfect gift for someone who wants to get into web design.

Field Notes Snowblind 3-Pack


Field Notes are always a classy gift, double-y so with this beautiful edition.

The Field Notes logo is a pearlescent “interference” ink that glimmers and sparkles, and the rest of the book is coated in a nearly-magical “photochromic” ink that changes color when exposed to sunlight. Indoors, they’re white, outdoors they’re blue!

Office Plant


What is Dave Rupert? Yes, he is a plant. Spruce up that office of yours with some green. Don't worry, it's fake so you can't kill it. Only $35 with Amazon Prime.

Albanese Gummi Bears


What web developer doesn't need 5lbs of delicious gummy bears hidden under their desk? Albanese makes the best ones ever. They come in 12 flavors, not 4, twelve. It's more and better.

CSS is Awesome Travel Mug


Debugging in a terrible browser? Why not put some caffeine in a charming mug. Endless hours of fun explaining the joke to your family members over and over.


React For Beginners


Interested in learning the hottest JavaScript framework of the year? Let Wes Bos (from Episode 176) guide you on creating a complete JavaScript web application built with React. Wes is an excellent teacher and the Master Package is recommended.

CodePen PRO


Want to unlock the massive power of CodePen? Impress clients with live screensharing. Start an online class using Professor Mode. Add a PRO badge to your account.

Club Greensock Membership


Interested in playing around with the latest in SVG-based animation? Club Greensock gets you access to some radical plugins for animating SVGs. It's a must have for any CSS-Trickster.

Desk Pad Classic


Adds a classy and comfortable touch to your desk. You don't like resting your wrists on cold, desolate plastic, do you?



Both the wall board and all the attachments are wood, but have metal and magnents embedded in them. Nothing says "I love you" "Hey, get your crap off the kitchen counter" like the gift of organizational tools.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard


We've talked about this ergonomic keyboard quite a bit on the show. Both Dave and Chris own one to combat repetitive stress injury and sore hands at the end of the day.

Kensington Wireless Presenter w/ Laser


Planning on giving a talk next year? Well you'll want the industry standard slide advancement. Dependable, always connects, has a laser. Dave has personally stole like 3 of these from Trent Walton. Only $50 on Amazon Prime.

SparkFun Inventor's Kit


If your loved one loves coding websites, they'll really enjoy coding physical hardware. SparkFun Inventor's Kit is step-by-step tutorial of mini-projects to get you excited about building gadgets with Arduino.




Mechanical keyboards are so hawt right now. Lots of people (*cough* hipster programmers *cough*) swear by them for speed, accuracy, and tactile feel when hammering out code. Also great for gaming.

Rode Podcaster


If you're planning on starting or appearing on a podacst, be sure to have a good mic. The Rode Podcaster gets you on your way with professional sound and a sleek appearance. Chris has used his for 5+ years now and it's still going strong.



Give the gift of a good deployment path this holiday season.

Cross Browser Testing


Some gifts are for pleasure, this gift is about removing pain. Test crappy old browsers from the comfort of your fancy nice modern browser. CrossBrowserTesting doesn't emulate old browsers, they run the real software on real, physical devices. Plus you can pipe your local development through to test via their browser extension.


LG 34UC97-S 34" Curved Ultrawide 21:9 IPS Display


Imagine spending each day sitting behind this 34" wide curved ultrawide display. 3440×1440 pixels of side-by-side code editor and browser. No dual displays, just one super wide one that is gently curved to hug your face each morning.