194: With Drew McLellan

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Drew McLellan is on this week to talk about Perch - the CMS built for web professionals - and the upcoming 24Ways.



Drew McLellan

Web · Social

Drew is the lead developer on Perch and publisher of 24 Ways.

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  • 30:40 What was the hardest thing about turning Perch into a steady income stream, what you did to overcome it and what tips would you have for someone that wants to start a side project, but doesn’t even have an idea yet?
  • 35:10 As an agency, a lot of our sites are too image heavy and it is hurting performance for mobile. What is the best practice for responsive images as content (not background images)?
  • 39:00 Picture having to format every single page, paragraph, roll over, drop down, chart, graph; basically anything with text as a separate PSD file/layer comp. Am I alone thinking that this method of content development insane? Or, is this a lot more common than I think?
  • 45:50 I’m looking to catch up with the times and use Github in my workflow for client projects, but I don’t really know how I should actually use it. Like should I create a separate repo for each client? Or should I make one repo and have multiple folders or branches, since Github only allows a set amount of private repos?
  • 55:28 I am a developer for a site with a community of 200 000+ users. We have decided that we want to migrate to a sparkly new modern system! What software/system should we migrate to?