165: With Tim Holman

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Tim Holman is an Australian developer with a strong focus on design and interactivity. He currently lives in New York and is working as a product engineer at Tumblr.



Tim Holman

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Tim is a developer at CodePen.

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  • 9:56 Justin L. wrote in: “I really appreciate the advice you guys gave and it really motivated me to finish my portfolio and get a new job. It definitely was a culture problem at my job and I think this is a serious problem that many people face. I took my time a created a strong portfolio that I'm proud of. After I put it live, I got a new job within a week at this firm.”
  • 22:24 How do you find living and working in New York vs Australia? Do you feel more inspired being in such a tech focused city or does the 'rat race' burn you out a little? What level of impact has this new environment had on your skill progression?
  • 27:50 Recently I've been seeing homepage CSS Animations that simulate an app or website running - see or In these animations, the text is live text and CSS driven, and NOT a video or a set of JPG images simulating animation. My question is, do people hand code these? or is there some tool I don't know about that makes these timeline driven animations easier?
  • 32:38 I'm a front-end developer and I use a mobile first approach when building websites. When I'm given the designs for a site to start building I'm seeing components on the page that have been removed from the mobile design but are there on the desktop / tablet view. I try to explain there has to be a very good reason to remove content on mobile view as each device should have the same experience for the user and it can be very frustrating if content changes depending on what device they are using. Their argument is on the mobile phone, users won't want to read posts and it will just make the page longer as everything stacks on top of each other. I explain you don't know what users are going to use the site for and people know how to scroll the page. What do you guys think?
  • 40:02 I'm a 33 year old former self employed photographer trying to break into the web industry. I'm a completely self taught designer/developer with experiences in HTML, CSS, PHP, Wordpress, Rails and Javascript/jQuery. My question is... How do you stand out in a field with so many talented people without a killer resume as a 33 year old advanced beginner?
  • 44:26 I run the membership system for a national sports organization in Australia. I sometimes get complaints from one particular state about the system being slow, or a certain function not doing what it should. When I try to replicate these issues, I am not able to do so. Do you guys use or know of any tools that allow you to test drive a client's computer remotely and run diagnostics on things like internet speed to get a better understanding of what is causing the problem?
  • 52:00 Hey guys so what are your thoughts about this hamburger trend that has become quite popular for the last few years, Facebook already stopped using it as a main button in it's app but a lot designers out there still using it even in desktop sites, what you guys think of it?