157: With Alex Russell

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Alex Russell is a developer working on Chrome, Blink, and the Web Platform Team at Google in San Francisco. He also serves on ECMA TC39 (the standards body for JavaScript) and the W3C Technical Architecture Group.

He took us on a deep dive into the future of the web, web components, standards, and more.



Alex Russell

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Alex is a developer at Google working on Chrome, Blink and the Web Platform. He's also involved with the W3C and ECMA TC39, the standards body for Javascript.

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  • 52:24 My question is about "offline-first" and the (proposed?) "service workers" API. If I want to implement offline-first in my web apps, should I wait for service workers or just start learning the appcache stuff now?
  • 59:23 I was wondering if, considering the native features of the browsers stay extending, jQuery UI still made sense? Do you use it, or should I avoid it? Also, do you ever use jQuery Mobile? What were your experiences?