151: With Emily Lewis and Lea Alcantara

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This week we're joined by Emily Lewis and Lea Alcantara of the CTRL+CLICK Cast!

We talk about keeping up with new technologies, Expression Engine VS Wordpress, CMS alternatives to Wordpress, the creative process for designing for the web, how to find work/life balance, and more.



Emily Lewis

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Emily is a partner and lead developer at Bright Umbrella.

Lea Alcantara

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Lea is a partner and lead designer at Bright Umbrella.

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  • 20:01 For years I have primarily used ExpressionEngine as my CMS of choice. While I still love EE, it isn't right for every project, so I am looking to brush up on my Wordpress chops. Do you have any recommendations on a few sites or other online resources that you use to keep on top of WP developments?
  • 25:04 Is Wordpress usually the best CMS to use for client work? Are there better alternatives out there?
  • 41:58 When you're just beginning a new design - when that completely blank Photoshop canvas is staring back at you - what is your thought process like?
  • 49:22 As a business owner, freelance creative who works from home, I often have trouble balancing my work life with my family life. Can you offer insight on how you balance work life and family life?