143: Rapidfire 40

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This week it's another RAPID-FIRE!!! Nothing but web standards southern gentlemen and hot question and answer madness!



Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert in silly sunglasses and a sign that says Shawp Tawlkk Shough DOT COM

Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert

This episode is with just Chris & Dave, ShopTalk Show's hosts. Chris is the co-founder of CodePen and creator of CSS-Tricks, and Dave is lead developer at Paravel.

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  • 2:37 A question about responsive images: I just came across this CSS approach to specifying a "focal point" of an image so when the browser resizes the image is cropped and it's location is adjusted so that a specified point stays in the visible area. What do you think? Are there other similar solutions you like better?
  • 5:40 I'm working on a refactor of a site I built a while ago. In that site, I'm loading a font file just for the logo which seems like it might be unneeded page bloat. My question is: is it worth the time subsetting a font for only the characters I need, or would a better approach be some sort of accessible svg?
  • 11:40 I came across and watched their video. I love the concept, but how do you think this will effect the web design industry?
  • 18:30 Is there a good replacement for css resets?
  • 24:33 I'm wondering what your experiences are with hacking attempts and what methods you use to secure your sites and servers; specifically for Wordpress sites?
  • 38:01 I recently started to use SVGs instead of an iconfont. However I'm still struggling with the right technique. What are your thoughts on that?
  • 44:11 I have a situation where people are creating and editing content in Google Docs, then pasting the content over to the CMS. Sometimes Docs behaves and doesn't include a bunch of inline styles, sometimes it isn't so nice. What is the best/most efficient way to override these inline styles?
  • 51:56 Why isn't there a good text editor for OS X ? I'm so tired of these multi-platform editors like Atom, Sublime, and Brackets. Are there any better options?