095: With Daniel Mall

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This week we were joined by super-designer Dan Mall. Dan currently runs, is a co-host of the Businessology podcast, and previously worked at Happy Cog and Big Spaceship.



Dan Mall

Daniel Mall

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Dan is a creative director and advisor. He's also the founder of SuperFriendly and CEO of SuperBooked.

Time Jump Links

  • 17:10 CSSOff #hotdrama: Dan made a PSD that was too good.
  • 33:02 In defense of AMPPS...
  • 34:45 Can you guys rant about the different scenarios on how and/or when and/or why to use javascript on text/typography?
  • 46:21 How much testing and compatibility is enough? Should we just stick to the big 5 browsers on desktops, Android browsers, Safari on mobile devices?
  • 51:48 I've been trying a couple of CSS/JS frameworks lately (Bourbon+Neat, Foundation) and I'm struggling to choose which better suits my purposes. What do you suggest? What frameworks/libraries do you guys use for your projects?