086: With Jenn Schiffer

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This week we were joined by Jenn Schiffer. Jenn works at sports-ball and knows Michael Jordan. She also makes websites!



Jenn Schiffer

Web · Social

Jenn is a community engineer at Fog Creek Software.

Time Jump Links

  • 9:51 How can we go about getting back in touch with our inner creative coder? And how can we start introducing this back into our ‘bread and butter’ work?
  • 20:32 Are there any meet ups in New Jersey?
  • 27:06 I have a quick question about redesigning my portfolio. I have big plans for using the canvas element which isn’t supported in IE8-. Would it be a waste of time for me to provide fallback images for IE8 users?
  • 29:22 We build our clients websites in WordPress. One thing we don’t do is bake in support/on going maintenance for our clients sites in our contracts. What are your 2cents on support plans/updating sites? Should we be charging and ongoing service fee to make sure the security on our clients sites don’t become vulnerable?
  • 36:46 I’m working on learning Git and how to best utilize Github. Should Github should become part of my regular workflow or instead just a backup of my code and a place to share and collaborate with others.
  • 42:08 Here’s my question: What’s the deal with Art Direction? What role does Art Direction play in your work?
  • 51:42 I keep reading things like “get a mentor” or “have your code reviewed”, yet I’ve never been able to find anyone interested in doing either of those. Any idea how it’s possible to find that kind of people, or why people keep saying that if they don’t exist?