081: With Geri Coady

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This week we were joined by Geri Coady, an illustrator, designer, and author from Newfoundland, Canada.



Geri Coady

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Geri is a freelance illustrator, designer and author.

Time Jump Links

  • 17:51 WooThemes Price Change, also here
  • 22:00 Chrome's password saving drama
  • 29:02 Are there any particular hues and shades of colors that are particularly inaccessible or render unfaithfully? Also, how does this affect color accessibility?
  • 38:27 I was wondering what your thoughts are on using design elements from web sites such as and the slew of others that offer freebies or commercial license purchases?
  • 45:40 In an industry that can be dramatic, cynical, and sometimes barbaric, how do you remain positive and keep your head up in what you do?
  • 52:11 Am I stupid to quit my full-time corporate print design job?