029: With Tab Atkins

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This week we were joined by Tab Atkins. Tab is a member of the CSS Working Group in the W3C and contributes to several other working groups. He is an employee of Google with the title Web Standards Hacker. We talk about (roughly in order):



Tab Atkins

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Tab is a web standards hacker at Google working on Chrome and a member of the CSS Working Group.

Time Jump Links

  • Josh Dyck wrote in with a link to an article by Lee Blue on automating database syncing.
  • Dave and Ryan Irelan go freaky friday. Dave is using Sublime Text 2 all week and Ryan is going Coda 2 all week.
  • TextMate goes open source.
  • Why don't CSS float clear themselves? (Or, their parents)
  • Where does Tab land on the whole srcset/picture thing?
  • Making animations smoother (and stuff)
  • Why are there margins, borders, and padding? Shouldn't those just be one thing?
  • Is higher education necessary in web dev?
  • Do you need to encode characters anymore or can you just use symbols right in code?