010: With Doug Neiner

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This week we were joined by Doug Neiner, a senior designer and engineer at AppendTo. Doug is an equally talented at both those jobs and, as he put it, would have an awfully hard time choosing between them if he had to cut one. Doug found the perfect spot in his basement to record this show with us, directly underneath his router upstairs. He told us later he was sitting on a pile of broken glass. Sorry Doug! We talk about (roughly in order):



Doug Neiner

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Doug is a seniro designer and engineer at AppendTo.

Time Jump Links

  • BeerCamp
  • Multi-Device Layout Patterns (mined from
  • Does there need to be any more jQuery plugins?
  • Learnings from the CSSOff
  • How do big websites like or get data?
  • What is the scope of handlebars.js in Front-End Development?
  • What's up with floats? Why is there no simple float clearing property?
  • "Push" vs "Poll"
  • Working with build scripts
  • Steps after a recently becoming unemployed
  • Is there a tool to un-jQuery-fy something?
  • What's up with Doug's "Contextual jQuery" talks?